Timpano Recipe

Timpano is an Italian dish that is delicious combination of several recipes all baked inside a savory crust. Often served on special occasions, it has grown to be a traditional meal served with a large gathering of friend and family. Yet the dish and the accompanying recipe is not widely available. So, we bring you a whole website devoted to Timpano: from the recipe, to the tools, and tricks in making this wonderful dish.

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Big Night

If you have ever seen the movie, Big Night, then you have seen timpano as the center piece of the banquet scene. Primo and Secondo, in order to save their restaurant by impressing Louis Prima and establishing a great reputation, decide to put on an extravaganza banquet. Although short on time and money, Primo decides to make a timpano, which will be the center piece and highlight of the meal.

We will not give away what happens, but without a doubt that you will be like the many patrons at the banquet: in awe and wanting to try timpano for yourself.

Timpano Recipe

The timpano recipe is not widely known or available. You will not find it in most Italian cookbooks. You may find it occasionally as a singe recipe on various cooking websites. It is a regional dish and most have secret family recipes not shared outside of the family.

Timpano Recipe devotes a whole website this wonderful dish. Timpano Recipe brings you a complete recipe, with all of the steps, tricks and tools needed in order to accomplish this wonderful dish.

The recipe for timpano is a combination of many separate recipes all combined into a single dish baked in a pastry crush. Even if you never try to make the full dish, the individual recipes are all classics by themselves. Take a look today and see if you can resist a timpano.