Scandal Timeline

Wells Fargo Account Scandal

Interested in the Wells Fargo account fraud scandal? While our staff was a project related to the Wells Fargo fraud account scandal, they needed a detailed timeline. After doing some quick searches online, they discovered that some timelines were available, but the existing timelines were extremely limited in length, depth, and details.

Considering how many people were affected by this scandal, this was a bit surprising. Since they needed a more comprehensive timeline, they built the most comprehensive Wells Fargo account fraud scandal timeline available. Recognizing that others may benefit from what they gathered and created, they decided to share it: Wells Fargo Timeline.

Wells Fargo Account Fraud Scandal Timeline

The Wells Fargo timeline of the account fraud scandal is a curated site. All information has been located and centralized from others. Sourced information is available on its own Sources page, especially helpful if more details on a specific event is needed.

The timeline covers events and subsequent actions by both the company and its regulators. Actions are only included if they are derived from the Wells Fargo account scandal and the various consent orders, court cases, and responses to the that scandal.

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